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This page is thought to be a shrine for my good old C64, his SID Music an all the people taking care of him


-> download it now if you run 64hdd.

Whatīs it all about?

64HDD by Nick Coplin is a CBM Device Emulation Program for PC.
You have to wire your PC with a socalled X-cable to your C64.
64HDD emulates nearly all manufaktured devices, and provides access to M$-DO$

PSID64 by Roland Hermans is a File converter for PSID files.
PSID Files are riped SID (sound) files playable for PC only (downloadable @ hvsc).
It converts them into a executable C64 program.
Take care: use a DOS compiled Version (as in this pack provided)

I wrote this interface to combine this superb programs
Itīs the best combination for SID-Freaks!

a runnning 64HDD system

Thereīs another Way to play PSID- Files back on a real Computer:
Try out REALSIDPLAY, and test itīs possibillities.

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